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Advanced Recreation Therapy

The Full Story

What started as a 1,200-mile hand-cycle ride from Boston to Atlanta, has turned into JTF’s second initiative: Advanced Recreation Therapy (ART). Returning to life post-injury is critical in overcoming limitations to lead fulfilling lives. ART provides individuals with the opportunity to access new adventures to explore an inaccessible world with a disability while creating lasting memories. Our goal is to allow young adults to reintegrate back into society, and do the things they often feel are impossible. Through ART, a disability doesn’t prevent an individual from trying new things but rather encourages them to find new ways to be active in society after a traumatic injury. Guided by knowledgeable staff, people can focus on learning new skills to overcome limitations and find independence. 


JTF's "Fun Fund"

In June of 2023, JTF initiated its first ART collaboration, funding the adolescent program at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA. Recreation therapy is a pivotal program that allows individuals new to SCI to have the opportunity for experiences while guided by Shepherd staff. Outings and recreation play a key part in returning to society with a disability, and helps in learning new ways to do the things we love to do, while boosting independence and mental health. 


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Adaptive Waterski Day

We have an exciting opportunity for individuals with SCI to try adaptive waterskiing. All ages and abilities are welcome to join us for a fun day on the water! Please send us a message if you are interested.

What: Adaptive Waterski

Where: Sandbar Beach Club; Tyngsboro, MA 01879

When: Wednesday, August 21, 2024; 11am-3pm

Ability: ALL SCI

Partners: Webster Waterski; Team Hoyt New England

Cost: FREE

"This life-changing experience has changed my perspective on my injury as a whole. Being surrounded by so much joy and such a diverse set of people has taught me so much about how I can pivot and live a long life as a person with a spinal cord injury. I had never been skiing even before my injury and being able to try this as open my eyes to an entire new sport."

Paris Carter, 2024 ART Participant

Residence: Georgia
Activity: Mono-ski
Where: Park City, Utah
When: January, 2024
Program: Adolescent Program; Shepherd Center
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