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About Us

Helping Those Impacted By SCI

The purpose of JTF is to provide financial assistance through grants to those affected by spinal cord injury. Funds received will be distributed to individuals after SCI to help cover necessities where insurance providers fall short.  

Jack's Story


On January 16, 2013 Jack suffered a spinal cord injury while snowboarding. A burst fracture of his C6 vertebrae caused paralysis from the chest down. After emergency surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, Jack spent 9 days in intensive care to stabilize the spine and autonomic functions. He then flew down to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for 13 weeks of intense rehabilitation. Jack returned home and began his senior year of High School in Tyngsboro that fall. After graduation, he enrolled at UMASS-Lowell to earn a degree in business — graduating in 2019. Since his injury, Jack has graduated from college, relearned how to drive, completed the Baystate Marathon using a hand-cycle, continued coaching high school football, published a book, and started working selling adaptive vehicles. His family and community have supported him since the beginning. Now, he looks to assist those who navigate a similar experience. 

Meet The Board

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