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One of Our Grantees

We want to share with everybody one of our 2022 grant recipients, Brian Maher, of Westford, MA. Brian was on his way into Boston in November 2021 to celebrate his anniversary with his wife when their vehicle was struck by a drunk driver at 70 mph. The collision resulted in 5 broken vertebrae throughout Brian’s neck and thoracic spine causing complete quadriplegia.

I met Brian during his time at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston and knew we needed to offer assistance for his return home. JTF quickly approved a grant to provide an automatic door opener that Brian can use independently. We feel this will improve his quality of life by giving him independent access to his home. Above all, Brian has a great attitude and is working hard in his recovery. JTF is grateful to lend a helping hand to the Maher family.

Grant Application

Please find the attached .pdf of our 2022 JTF grant application. Grantees must have a traumatic spinal cord injury. All ages are encouraged to apply.

Items not considered:

- Reimbursements

- Wheelchair Accessible Vans

- Recreation/Sport Equipment

- Therapy/Acupuncture

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