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Quality of Life Grants

A Simple Approach: Be There

In the spring of 2022, we opened our QOL grants program to individuals throughout New England living with a traumatic spinal cord injury. These grants are essential in preparing for life outside of a hospital setting, and we look to aid in the recovery of an individual now faced with many mobility challenges. Many pieces of equipment are not covered by insurance, and many go without necessities because of the inability to pay for them. We hope to play a small part in getting people back to normal daily living while creating independent solutions for many people who need them. Please see our grant application below.



Where insurance providers say no, JTF hopes to close the gap between purchasing necessary equipment and the inability to pay for them.


Our grants focus on New England residents who have suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury. Any age is encouraged to apply.


Grants are approved and distributed directly to vendors and contractors for their services. Please send us a message if you need assistance completing our grant application.


JTF can provide funding up to $7,500 towards equipment and modifications that promote independence and create a better quality of life. See our grant application below!

Recent Grant Recipients

“I am incredibly grateful to have the WHILL wheelchair. Not only is it incredibly stylish, sleek, and lightweight, but it also disassembles; which gives me the flexibility to make last-minute changes in my plans. As a full-time power chair user, I don’t take that for granted. Another thing I love about this chair is its adjustable height. I’ve been too tall for all of the foldable power chairs that I’ve tried, so it’s nice to be able to adjust this chair to my liking.”

Jacques Matellus, 2024 Grantee


Our flagship program is built to create a lasting impact on an individual recovering from SCI. Through our grant process, grantees can find new ways to live an independent life. With creative solutions, a small improvement to one’s life can drastically change an individual's sense of doing things themselves and create a meaningful and independent life. Since inception, we have provided more than $150,000 in direct action funding.

Apply Here

Please send us a message if you need assistance or if any questions come up with our application.

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