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Volume one: Jake Thibeault

A 12-minute mini documentary following Jake through a day in the life of living with a spinal cord injury after a hockey collision when he was 18. Jake gives the viewer access to his life 3 years later, now as a sophomore at Babson College. We see what it's like to navigate life with a disability as a young adult, while maintaining an unwavering drive to overcome barriers. Designed for education, the film includes themes of determination, perseverance, SCI awareness, injury prevention and vulnerability all told through Jakes eyes. 

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Storytellers promotes education by awareness targeting High School seniors, Healthcare Centers, and local businesses.


A 40-minute presentation includes:

  • Brief introduction on JTF and the film

  • 12-minute film

  • Short follow-up with touchpoints and takeaways

  • Q&A

All presentations are FREE for organizations within 30-miles of Tyngsboro, MA


Learn more about how storytelling can make a difference in the lives of those who listen.


High Schools

Engage with local schools to address social issues around disability, educate on injury prevention, and create positive change. Together, we can build a better, and safer future for everyone.


  • Understand situational risk

  • Best practices for safety as independence grows

  • Learn simple stats around SCI

  • Reduce stigma around wheelchair users

  • Create a more inclusive world

  • Each student leaves informed, inspired and prepared


Healthcare Centers

Empower individuals through educational initiatives. Our Storytellers series can be utilized by healthcare networks to bring real world examples into clinical practices.


  • Visualize life after in-patient hospital stay

  • Create a sense of belonging by connecting to the story

  • Grow optimism for the future

  • Motivate

  • Each viewer leaves informed, inspired and prepared



Promote motivating and inspiring stories through powerful messaging. Learn about SCI through lived experience storytelling and find gratitude in each employees life.


  • Develop an understanding of SCI

  • Deliver powerful messaging to employees

  • Real world motivation and intrinsic assessment

  • Emphasize teamwork and community engagement

  • Each employee leaves informed, inspired and prepared


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